We provide primary health services and screening opportunities across all of our programmes and train our beneficiaries in preventative healthcare.


  • Eye care – In partnership with the Jonga Trust and the Lions Club District 410A, we are able to provide eye screenings and glasses to our seniors.
  • Mobility input and access to assistive aids.
  • Dementia detection and referrals.
  • Monthly training of Seniors’ staff in all seniors’ health-related matters e.g. dental, cancers, mental health, lifestyle diseases.
  • Aromatherapy visits.
  • Health screening and foot and nail care.
  • Hearing screening and referrals for further management.
  • Nutrition assessment, management and provision of some daily meals.

Early Childhood Development

  • Paediatrics Clinic – In partnership with SHAWCO (Students Health and Welfare Centres Organisation) of the University of Cape Town, we provide paediatric medical care to community pre-schools in our learning programme. Each week, a pre-school is selected to undergo health screenings. The children are brought to our Wellness Centre and under close professorial supervision, fifth-year medical students examine the children.
  • Immunisation and deworming drives – ensuring that defaulters receive the updates they require to stay healthy.
  • Oral hygiene – in partnership with University of Western Cape department of oral hygiene. This includes site visits to the educares as well as training of community educare staff.
  • Nutrition – equipping community preschool cooks with nutritional knowledge
  • Health and wellbeing – providing preschool staff with information on children and wellbeing, as well as screening opportunities for their personal health.

Child and Youth Enrichment

  • Health screening and deworming – Each child has a biannual health screening and deworming
  • Menstrual Health – The young women in our care are educated about puberty and intimate hygiene, with washable and biodegradable sanitary products provided.
  • Reproductive Health – Age appropriate sexual and reproductive training of our field workers is delivered with supervision of skills thereafter.


The Psycho-social Service focuses on counselling, disability support and group work within our programmes.


The Helpdesk is a walk-in service that provides the community with information and guidance on applying for government grants, provides support to children with academic challenges, supports families affected by substance abuse and mental illness, and assists with finding employment for adults with disabilities.

Disability Programme

The Disability Programme supports families who have a family member who is physically or intellectually impaired, is unemployed and living at home. This service also provides clients with information to access government grants and services, appropriate documentation including identity documents and birth certificates and assists with income generating opportunities. We also provide screening clinics and paediatric days for children with disabilities.

Counselling and Support Groups

Ikamva Labantu has a trained counsellor and social auxiliary worker who provides individual therapy sessions to our clients at their home or at one of our centres. These clients have been referred to us by our staff from other programmes and our Helpdesk. We also provide facilitated workshops in youth groups and senior centres, and coordinate a healing arts programme. All of these programmes have themes relevant to issues that township communities face.

Community relations

The Community Relations Service provides a vital link between Ikamva Labantu, our beneficiaries and the broader community. We work with important stakeholders, such as community leadership, government departments, forums, ward councillors and other NGOs. Frequent engagement with these stakeholders enables us to understand community dynamics and needs. From there, we are able to respond accordingly and provide valued and appropriate services.