Early childhood development (ECD)

The first years of a child’s life are crucial for cognitive, emotional and social development. But millions of South African children do not have access to quality Early Childhood Development (ECD) programmes, denying them a strong foundation from which to build their future.

  • Our Kwakhanya Educare cares for 70 vulnerable children under 6.
  • Principal & practitioner pairs undergo training programme at Kwakhanya
  • Practitioners gain practical experience in the classroom
  • Principals develop leadership and business management skills
  • We’ve trained over 500 principals and practitioners so far, impacting over 17,000 children

Registration Helpdesk

We currently help hundreds of principals meet the norms and standards required to register their pre-school, and thereby access a subsidy from the Department of Social Development (DSD).


In order for a pre-school to access government funding, it needs to be registered. But registration can be a long process with many delays and challenges. We have established a mobile Registration Helpdesk, which provides pre-school principals with administrative assistance and on-site guidance to meet the criteria for registration.

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Family Services

We believe that strong families build strong communities. Our new Family Services programme is based on this belief and takes a holistic approach that empowers families to thrive in our most vulnerable communities.

We aim to work with the family as a unit, whilst also paying attention to the individual needs of each family member. We know that what affects a grandparent has the capacity to affect their grandchild in the same household.

Through Psycho-social Support, Health Services, and Life Skills and Recreation, we aim to enable each active and willing family member to contribute positively to their family unit and ultimately, to their community.

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Our elderly are the backbone of our community. Many have become the breadwinners in their households, taking up the role of parents to their grandchildren. After decades of working with our seniors, we have an established programme that promotes active aging within their communities.

Senior clubs

We have a network of 19 Senior Clubs, which reaches more than 1,000 seniors every day in the township communities. In these safe environments, our seniors receive two nutritious meals a day, have their health monitored and participate in daily exercise and wellness programmes. They are also provided with income-generating opportunities, including beading. Our Seniors Programme has been recognised as a best-practice model by the South African government.

Umelwanes (neighbourhood friends)

Some seniors are unable to attend the clubs due to frailty, poor health or household responsibilities; but they are still in need of support and companionship. Ikamva Labantu has addressed this need through our Umelwane Project. This has doubled the reach of our Seniors programme, providing home-based care through regular visits from dedicated staff.

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Our support services


We provide primary health services across all of our programmes and train communities in preventative healthcare.


Our Psycho-social support focuses on counselling, disability support and group work within our programmes.

Community Relations

Through working with important stakeholders, the Community Relations Service is our link to the communities we serve.