50 Fire Extinguishers Donated to Early Childhood Development Centres by FS Systems

“Our children are the rock on which our future will be built, our greatest asset as a nation.

They will be the leaders of our country, the creators of our national wealth who care for and protect our people.”

– Nelson Mandela.

In the spirit of Madiba’s legacy and his love and support for the children of our nation, Ikamva Labantu received a generous donation of 50 fire extinguishers for Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres from safety and security company, FS Systems.

“FS Systems has proudly worked with Ikamva Labantu for the past few years. We have once again teamed up with Ikamva Labantu for Mandela Day, and as we are celebrating our 50th anniversary, we will be donating 50 fire extinguishers to these Early Childhood Development Centre’s (ECD’s). Every child deserves the right to education in a safe environment and protecting lives is important to us. We are grateful for our partnership with Ikamva Labantu and are thankful that they have made it possible for us to make a difference in the community,” said FS Systems Director of the Western Cape, Cecil Meyer.

Ikamva Labantu’s Early Childhood Development Programme works with 400 ECD Centres in Khayelitsha with an average of 45 children per centre. The ECD programme assists each centre with the registration process and offers capacity-building training for community principals and practitioners and supports them with educational equipment and learning materials so that they can implement their learnings at their preschools.

“The presence of fire extinguishers in an ECD Centre helps the principals to have peace of mind should a fire break out in the centre. 26 ECD Centres will be the recipients of the 50 fire extinguishers from FS Systems. The fire extinguishers are vital equipment and part of the requirements for the Department of Fire to issue out a fire clearance certificate. This certificate is also part of the requirements by the Department of Social Development to register a centre. Once registered, the ECD Centre has a higher chance of receiving a subsidy for each child who meets the criteria,” said Ikamva Labantu ECD Programme Manager, Mildred Bopoto.

The first years of a child’s life form the foundation upon which they build their future. But millions of children in Cape Town’s township communities do not have access to quality early education.

“On behalf of the ECD centres in the township communities, Ikamva Labantu wishes to extend our sincere gratitude for the wonderful gift from FS Systems. Thank you for caring for thousands of our beloved vulnerable children in the townships and ensuring their safety from potential fires that could break out in the centres. It provides the principals and staff with such comfort that their children are safe and protected,” said Ikamva Labantu General Manager, Ishrene Davids.

The community, principals and staff of the ECD centres and Ikmava Labantu thanks FS Systems for your kindness and generosity. This donation will have a positive impact on thousands of children’s lives, ensuring their safety.

Picture: Ikamva Labantu’s Senior Fundraiser, Barbara Miller, FS Systems Western Cape Director, Cecil Meyer, and FS Systems Technician, Mavis Mamela Mqongelwa

Ikamva Labantu Receives Mayoral Community Service Awards

Ikamva Labantu is proud to have received two Mayoral Community Service Awards!

The awards are for Subcouncil 10 & Subcouncil 16, acknowledging Ikamva Labantu for “providing the many aspects of social support towards the development, nurturing and caring of the community.”

“Ikamva Labantu accepts the award on behalf of our communities who have continued to show the way and lead the way during this pandemic. These awards are a testimony to their resilience, compassion and leadership,” says Ishrene Davids, Ikamva Labantu’s General Manager

Cape Town’s Mayor, Dan Plato said: “The Mayoral Community Service Awards are intended to honour the extent of community service work of individuals, groups or organisations across the 24 sub councils in the city…These individuals working in communities are heroes who love their neighbourhoods and are passionate about creating a positive impact in various ways.”

The awards acknowledge and give praise to the amazing township communities and the magic of their humanity in the face of unspeakable odds. The community has joined together to take care and feed those in need and for that, we are proud and honoured to work alongside them in creating sustainable change. Ikamva Labantu thanks YOU for your bravery, courage and sacrifice.

Secure Your Legacy, Through the Ikamva Labantu Endowment Fund

“I believe that every human being has the right to a dignified life.”

– Helen Lieberman –

It all began in 1963, during the Apartheid regime when a group of courageous activists responded to the unjust and inhumane conditions in South African townships. Out of these initiatives, Ikamva Labantu, meaning “future of the people”, was born. The organisation puts humanity first and always will. Together with the Ikamva Labantu community, you can pave a better future for all the families living in the Cape Town townships.

There is still so much pain, poverty and hunger all over the world and now more than ever, we are witnessing the great divide between those who have and those who have not. This absolute poverty is right on our doorsteps and cannot be ignored.

The Ikamva Labantu Endowment Fund acknowledges the Western Cape’s township community’s struggles but more so their courage and sacrifice as they come together to help one another to better the livelihoods of all. The launch of the fund is about securing your legacy as donors by ensuring that Ikamva Labantu can continue to build and sustain its community-led projects and services. The community does it all! Ikamva Labantu merely supports them and is honoured to be received and accepted by the people it serves.

Thanks to Ikamva Labantu’s donors and partners, people living in Cape Town townships are rewriting the story of their communities – one of positivity, resilience and strength. Founder and Honorary President,  Helen Lieberman’s 80th Birthday event will celebrate a joyous occasion that affirms the communities, who are filled with immense pride and wonder at all that has been achieved together.

Join us on 27 June at 6:30 SAST for a virtual celebration in honour of our communities, their strength and their perseverance against unimaginable odds. Register here and enjoy electric entertainment by South Africans who are using their own powerful voices to unite a nation. We look forward to hearing the soulful sounds of Voice SA Finalist, Jeremy Olivier and South Africa’s most-loved all-female group, 3 Tons of Fun. 


The future of the families living in the Cape Town townships depends on YOU. Let’s continue to light the way for South Africans to be successful and to thrive. Contribute to the Ikamva Labantu Endowment Fund by bidding on exquisite lots in the online auction OR light a Birthday candle by making your pledge here.

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