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Ikamva Design is an exciting new social enterprise endeavour that seeks to increase job opportunities for artisans in Cape Town’s township communities. For as long as Ikamva Labantu has been working with older persons, we have been witness to their creativity, talent and resourcefulness. From traditional beaded jewellery to handbags made from bottle caps, participants at Ikamva Labantu’s senior clubs continuously find original ways to pay tribute to their heritage and craft whilst supplementing their monthly pensions through selling handmade goods.

Ikamva Design’s online shop brings this talent to a wider market and showcases a range of handmade, original creations designed and crafted by older women living in township communities. Your purchase directly supports these women, many of whom raise large families on a monthly pension of just R1,780. From homeware to decorative pins, intricate accessories and even Christmas decorations, our team of local artisans can create bespoke handcrafted items to suit your needs.

The Ikamva Design online shop is launching soon! In the meantime, follow Ikamva Design on Facebook and Instagram to support this important work.

View the latest Ikamva Design catalogue today, for beautiful and unique gifting ideas and decor items.

*Please note that items in the catalogue are only available upon special request. Limited stock available

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