Seniors’ Department – Esther’s Vision is Restored

Apr 11, 2022

70-year-old Esther is a member of Noluthando 1 Seniors’ Club. She lives in New Crossroads with her children and grandchildren. 

Esther was struggling to see because she had cataracts in both her eyes. Everything looked cloudy, and her sight problem worsened in December when everything went dark. She needed a walking aid to navigate her surroundings.

Noluthando Eubertina Mapempeni (club assistant) made an appointment for Esther in Eerste Rivier to remove her cataracts. Ikamva Labantu’s Seniors’ Department provided transport for both her appointments and the cataracts were removed.

Esther’s vision is clear, and she no longer needs a walking stick to get around. She was losing hope when she lost her eyesight and never thought she would be able to see again, but by the ‘grace of God’, she said her life is back to normal. She rejoined the club and has told other seniors about her experience and how they can also benefit from the procedure.