Psychosocial Team Assists and Supports Senior Citizens in Need

Apr 11, 2022

*Siya was referred to the social workers by a Community Based Worker (CBW) working in the Umelwane team.  He is living with a disability and is staying with his two sons. Siya cannot speak which makes it difficult to gather any relevant details about him. The social worker could only get his personal details from his eldest son.

Both sons are unemployed and abuse substances and the youngest son physically abuses Siya whenever he is intoxicated. Siya does not receive any support from his family. They live in a small shack with no source of income, and they struggle with basic needs such as food and clothes.

Ikamva Labantu organised monthly food parcels for Siya, assisted with his disability grant and title deed application and ensured that his name was added to the community building project database in Mfuleni.

Siya currently receives his disability grant and grant-in-aid which enables him to hire a helper. His physical appearance has improved, he looks healthier and well-nourished. He’s always excited to see our social workers. Siya finally received a title deed for his site and is waiting for the community project to build a house for him.