Appeal: Change a child’s life

Dec 8, 2020

This year has tested our resilience like no other and the COVID-19 emergency continues. We expect the second wave in South Africa to peak in January.

Ikamva Labantu is now the third-largest food distributor in the Western Cape. We can reach the most vulnerable and underserved due to our long and trusted history on the ground.

It has been heart-warming to see how, instead of buckling under COVID, ordinary citizens from townships across Cape Town have found the strength and humility to serve others. Hundreds of volunteers have turned their own kitchens into neighbourhood feeding sites through the incredible support of business owners and individuals, like YOU.

As we all try to rebuild, we look to you for continued support.

Watch the video below to learn about Bulelwa who feeds over 1000 men, women and children in the township of Delft, Western Cape EVERY DAY!

Hundreds of courageous women, like Bulelwa, serve their neighbourhood each day. Bulelwa runs a preschool called Kids Ministry, volunteers as an Afternoon Angel after school and organises the feeding of 1000 community members from her little kitchen three times a week.

Women of over seventy years assist her to peel the vegetables the night before and elderly men help to block off the street in preparation for the long lines of children and parents who come for their only meal of the day.


To assist more selfless women like Bulelwa, please support Ikamva Labantu’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund in South Africa.


Donate today.