15 June: United Nations World Elder Abuse Awareness Day⁣

Jun 17, 2020

Caring for seniors is part of our mandate at Ikamva Labantu. The abuse of senior citizens is a pandemic which is not new to the communities we serve. The 21 Ikamva Labantu Seniors Clubs, situated across Cape Town’s township neighbourhoods, provide a safe haven for over 800 seniors during the day, away from the dangers which come from isolation. Closing our Senior Clubs for lockdown was heart-breaking not only for our seniors but for our staff members as well. ⁣

Although we don’t get to see our seniors every day during lockdown, the team does a bi-monthly visit to their homes. During these visits, the senior receives a food and essentials parcel, and an assessment of the conditions in which the senior is living is done. ⁣

Upon assessment, should it be uncovered that the senior requires additional support (health care by a registered nurse, or psychological and emotional support) these services are made available to the senior. An emergency help desk is also available in-case issues arise outside of the bi-weekly visits.⁣

“We must always remember the contribution our seniors have made to South Africa and its people. Besides fighting for freedom in the apartheid days and supporting their families on their meagre pensions, they enhance everyone’s lives with meaningful cultural knowledge and values. Let’s protect and care for each and every beloved Senior in South Africa.”, Helen Lieberman, founder of Ikamva Labantu.

United Nations World Elder Abuse Awareness Day⁣