Community mobilisation – the power of people

May 4, 2020

Dear Ikamva Labantu supporters,

Firstly, we want to share a message received from a true community hero in Cape Town:

“Let me take this time to thank Ikamva Labantu in partnership with us, the Afternoon Angels. Yesterday, a group of community was standing outside next to my car. When I approach them, they just come to thank me for the wonderful job that Afternoon  Angels are doing for them. “We don’t have words to thank you but God knows why did He bring you to us, we watching you Sisi (sister) for everything you do. Keep it up because we only see these deliveries on TV. Enkosi mntana womntu uThixo Akubusise. God Bless You!)” those were their words. I just left them with a smile on my face, but as I drive to my house, I cried thanking God for my life and the support received from Ikamva Labantu. Thanks guys.”  – Lucy Monareng, Vice-Chairperson of the Afternoon Angels group.

VITAL community mobilisation – the power of people

Thanks to the support of our incredible donor community, Ikamva Labantu is able to expand its reach to assist a large number of courageous citizens who have already taken action to feed and assist those in need. Ikamva’s strategy to tackle COVID-19, with the help of our large team of Community-Based Workers who have extensive local knowledge, is to identify, consult and support these active community members.

The neighbourhood feeding groups play a vital role in warding off starvation and enabling people to practice sanitization and hygiene to prevent the spread of the disease. Ikamva currently provides resources to 100 feeding sites situated across Cape Town’s townships and two rural areas are assisted. The number of groups grows daily and our reach is expanded to Johannesburg. It is estimated that over 250 people will receive food via each site.

Feeding group 1

Feeding group 2

What has been ACHIEVED over the past three weeks:

Through the incredible support of our donor community, Ikamva Labantu has been able to carry out the following essential COVID-19 services:

  • 1 200 senior citizens received food parcels and hygiene packs. Two deliveries took place so far
  • 2 000 families received 3kg of fortified maize meal as a first-line emergency response. Children’s books in the local language, isiXhosa, were also included in this delivery
  • Next month, food parcels will be delivered to 195 preschools and 29 afterschool clubs, reaching 7 000 more families, as well as 975 childcare workers who are now without any income
  • Food parcels are delivered to the homes of 74 children who regularly attend the Ikamva Labantu model preschool in Khayelitsha
  • Ongoing essential training is provided to staff and partners in disinfection and safety techniques
  • Psycho-social telephonic support is provided to those in distress, while the resident social workers continue to give face-to-face assistance in critical cases such as domestic violence

Currently, the estimated reach is between four and six people in each household every time a package is delivered. Therefore, our donor community’s contributions have so far impacted the health and wellbeing of over 17,500 people!

Ikamva Labantu’s continued relief efforts are currently planned for May, June and July.

Fortified maize meal

Food parcels

Protective face masks

In anticipation of a nationwide shortage of masks in South Africa, Ikamva Labantu’s supporters, four incredible people, were inspired to hand-make masks – THANK YOU, Anna, Audrey, Romy and Tina! These masks are used to protect the Ikamva heroes – those working tirelessly on the ground to support their neighbours.

Anna, an amazing teenager, made a huge effort, together with her mom who is a medical advisor to Ikamva Labantu, and did research to find the correct pattern, and then single-handedly sew over 100 masks! We truly admire Anna’s caring spirit as she’s managing this vast task together with her schooling responsibilities.

A MASSIVE thank you to our “mask-makers” for continuing to sew every day!

Audrey sewing masks

Anna masks


We look forward to keeping you informed about the progress and activities on the ground.

With heartfelt gratitude for your continuing support,

The Ikamva Labantu team