Ikamva Labantu assists senior citizens in their homes to avoid Coronavirus

Mar 20, 2020

As a precautionary measure, Ikamva Labantu’s 21 Seniors Clubs and home-based services were closed as of 17 March. As one of Cape Town’s most established Non-Profit Organisations, assisting over 1000 senior citizens in home-based and club-based services across the township neighbourhoods, we are well positioned to reach community members who need assistance. Ikamva Labantu is committed to providing fortnightly food and hygiene parcels to these seniors from the organisations programmes.

We are aware of the devastating effect that the immediate closures of the 21 senior clubs and home-based services will have on the vulnerable families and are making contingency plans to support them during these challenging months. Thanks to our vast networks, established systems and broad community reach, we are able to reach a great many people quickly and efficiently.

“We are committed to providing fortnightly food and hygiene parcels through this network to over 1000 seniors from our programmes. Ikamva Labantu finds itself in a position to assist many of the senior citizens and individuals with compromised immunity within Cape Town’s township neighbourhoods who are at risk now more than ever before. This is an opportunity to support the health systems which globally are collapsing due to overcrowding,” Ishrene Davids, Managing Director, Ikamva Labantu.

Social distancing proves difficult

Due to poor sanitation and transport infrastructure, people in township communities will find it enormously challenging to practice “social distancing” – essential in the fight against the community spread of the coronavirus virus.

“The idea of social distancing is something beyond comprehension for the seniors as hugging, kissing and being close to one another is part of their every day. It is highly important that we assist the senior citizens with social distancing during this difficult time”, says Lulama Sigasana, Head of the Senior Citizens Programme at Ikamva Labantu.

As we communicate with the senior citizens, there will be education and advice on how to practice social distancing and isolation to combat the spread of the virus. Advice about staying away from big crowds, avoiding or staying safe at social gatherings will be part of that communication. Not being able to go to funerals and important family occasions will put massive pressure on senior citizens who want to mourn the death of their loved ones and celebrate occasions.

Ikamva Labantu appeals to citizens to donate during this crucial time: https://ikamva.org.za/donate-now.