Renovation projects

May 2, 2019

Senior Clubs

Renovations are well underway at several of our senior clubs as part of an upgrade project with Truworths Fashion. In October 2018, Truworths donated R1.5m to Ikamva Labantu to help us upgrade and refurbish 11 of our senior clubs, where older persons in need can access support and services.

These upgrades will create brighter, safer and more functional spaces for our club members to enjoy. Importantly, they will also bring the clubs into compliance with the minimum norms and standards required by the Department of Social Development (DSD). This will allow each club to maintain their monthly subsidy from DSD – a critical source of income.

Below are some progress photos from the Masithandane and Nolukholo clubs in Khayelitsha.

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Ikhaya Labantu

Ikhaya Labantu is a frail care facility in Langa that cares for people with severe disabilities and older persons in need. We have worked closely with staff at the facility for many years and have recently come on board to assist them with renovations. In order to continue providing vital services to their residents, numerous upgrades to the facility are needed. This includes electrical and plumbing work, as well as upgrades to dormitories and structural elements. With these building upgrades, Ikhaya Labantu can achieve registration with DSD and access a government subsidy. In addition to the renovations, we are also assisting with upskilling and capacity building. This involves training and educating staff in best practice caregiving and providing administrative support to management.

View some photos from Ikhaya Labantu below.

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