Our Family Services

Apr 4, 2018

We believe that strong families build strong communities. Our new Family Services programme is based on this belief and takes a holistic approach that empowers families to thrive in our most vulnerable communities.

We aim to work with the family as a unit, whilst also paying attention to the individual needs of each family member. We know that what affects a grandparent has the capacity to affect their grandchild in the same household.Through Psycho-social Support, Health Services, and Life Skills and Recreation, we aim to enable each active and willing family member to contribute positively to their family unit and ultimately, to their community.

The programme is supported by three services:

Psycho-social Support

  • Access to basic services e.g. access to schooling, health care, shelter, food.
  • Individual, family & group counselling
  • Specialised therapeutic support including access to social workers and psychological support to guide and refer
  • Group work (peer-to-peer, support groups, family mediation)
  • Case management (including follow-ups, accompaniment to DSD, SASSA, hospitals)
  • Emergency relief food parcels when needed
  • Disability support, providing logistical support for people living with disabilities;
  • Community awareness workshops (e.g. Substance Abuse, Child Abuse, Mental Health)
  • Training courses (e.g. Parenting & personal development)

Life Skills and Recreation

  • Life skills for men using the modules of the Fatherhood programme from Hearts of Men to help men and youth identify their goals and learn tools to achieve them.
  • Handyman tips to empower and upskill men to become self-sufficient.
  • Skills training that prepares participants for the world of work and lifelong learning.
  • Recreational activities: judo, basketball, swimming and hiking.


  • Trauma management with social workers providing psychological support, counselling sessions, and referrals
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health education for youth and their families
  • Addiction support for families and individuals. Providing healthcare, support and referals.

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