CareUp: Using smartphones to aid ECD implementation

Aug 13, 2016

We are excited to take part in the pilot phase of a new mobile app that will assist parents, caregivers and practitioners with practical implementation of Early Childhood Development tools.

The app, CareUp, provides ideas for educational activities for children. Throughout the week, users will receive messages that guide them through the activity for the day. The app also offers educational resources, inspiration and weekly summaries, making it easy to keep our children actively engaged through structured playtime.

Our practitioners were introduced to CareUp this week and each pre-school in the pilot phase received a smartphone with which to access the app.

Today, parents of the participating pre-schools will also receive an introduction to CareUp.
We look forward to the new opportunities that this app will bring!

CareUp was developed by The Reach Trust supported by the Western Cape Department of Social Development (WCDSD), and funded by the Innovation Edge.