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Our Family Services

We believe that strong families build strong communities. Our new Family Services programme is based on this belief and takes a holistic approach that empowers families to thrive in our most vulnerable communities. We aim to work with the family as a unit, whilst also paying attention to the…


“My grandmother attends one of the senior clubs in Khayelitsha at H section. I must congratulate Ikamva Labantu, you guys do an exceptional job. My gogo is as youthful as ever – fit and healthy. I live in Durban and whenever she visits she looks stronger and healthier. Great work, may God bless you.”

Ayabonga Zwana

“Ikamva Labantu’s Persona Doll Training has helped me in a lot of things… My teacher also learnt a lot from the Practitioner’s Training Programme which made it easy for her to be accepted at False Bay College where she’s currently advancing her ECD knowledge. Her work ethic has also improved and she’s visibly equipped with knowledge. Both the teacher and children have changed for the better and communication has improved. We have learnt to support each child according to their individual needs and backgrounds. And our hygiene has improved tremendously.”

Xoliswa NyamankuluPrincipal of Bamanye Preschool in Khayelitsha

“I come to Rainbow because I like being educated and playing games. I also got my school uniform and glasses when my eyesight started deteriorating. I keep coming because I need assistance with homework and I’m part of the dance group.”

Sinazo Mqotyana, 11Junior Phase, Child and Youth Enrichment Programme

“Ikamva Labantu cares for elderly people and helps us with everything including taking care of us during family disputes. We cry to Ikamva Labantu and they bring counsellors to our homes.”

Nokwanele Catherine Mpinda, 73Member of Noluthando Senior Club